Lab notes 01

Another long day almost over now. While waiting for the chicken kabob sandwich from crispy crepes, typing something out here.

Started ebeam deposition this morning, strange things keep happening to this old Edwards system. I still don’t have any other options since this is the only evaporator I can use to deposit iron. Deposition rate suddenly dropped to negative at 1750 angstrom. So total thickness dropped to 1600. James finished the sequence at 1750, so total thickness should be around 1900A. Something to keep in mind:

  1. Gotta figure out how to control the film thickness more accurately.
  2. Polyimide coating is another source of error. Uniformity is still no way to improve.
  3. Baking and curing on different days? Is that OK for polyimide? Need to email HDmicrosystems and figure out.

OK. I’m waaaay to hungry for this now.


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A graduate student at Boston University.
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